The Dragonsbane Knights


The Warrens (Pt. 1)

Reading the notes on the pirate’s desk, the party found that the gunpowder plot was only the first step in the plan to overthrow the monarchy. Once the palace had been set ablaze, a militia, striking from the Warrens, would emerge, striking swiftly to overthrow the king.

After returning to the captain, the party was given a new set of orders. Enter the Warrens, find the headquarters of the militia, and destroy all those who would be a threat to the kingdom.

The party prepared themselves, and, bringing along a pair of guardsmen for backup, entered the district at high noon. They split into three, each taking one of the branching paths in the warrens. The barbarian found himself in the tavern, accompanied by the mage. The Druid and the Cleric took a guard for protection and began knocking on doors, and the Paladin and Bard went to investigate another section of town.

Leaning on the bar, the Barbarian got the attention of the barkeep. “I’m looking for a good fight,” he growled, and the bartender smiled. Turning to the rest of the rabble in the room, the bartender called out “I’ve got five gold on the big guy!” Chaos ensued. Knocking the other combatants about the room, the orc made short work of the first few brawlers to attack him, but soon became embroiled in a mass of punching, kicking, biting flesh.

The commotion in the tavern got the attention of the Paladin and Bard, who ran to see the orc smashing one poor fellow into a wall so hard, he seemed destined for a pine box. While the paladin tried to enter the fray, the Bard danced about, taking bets and calling encouragement to her friends.

While this was happening, the cleric and druid were having a hard time of getting anyone to let them in, or even get any information at all. They attempted a ruse, adopting the guise of funeral workers, assuming that in the Warrens, surely someone must be dead. After several false starts, they found a suspicious house, that had all the signs of criminal proceedings. Announcing their allegiance to the town guard, they broke the door down, incapacitating all inside. A quick glance around revealed a nondescript room, but with a trapdoor leading into the sewers. A broken window revealed that one of the occupants had fled before they had a chance to enter. They spotted him just as he reached the tall belltower in the center of the district.

Alerting their comrades in the tavern, the cleric and druid ran after the escaping foe, the whole party just reaching the belltower as the heavy iron bell began to ring out a warning. As if by magic, all the windows around them opened simultaneously, and archers appeared at each vantage point. The party was surrounded.



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