The Dragonsbane Knights

An Explosive Beginning

Seriously, though...


Sailing high above the clouds, the crew of the airship, Endeavor, were having a fairly boring day. Suddenly, off in the distance, they spotted a large flying shape. Approaching through a cloud bank, their worst fears were realized.

It was a dragon. Heading in for the attack, as their training dictates, they were soon met with a shocking surprise: the dragon was not a living being at all, but an airship! It latched onto the prow of their ship with claws, and disgorged several goblins. After taking care of them and damaging the dragonship, a menacing figure appeared, a tall half-orc woman, carrying an immense black bow. She managed to stab the Monk Paladin with her poisoned sword, and shot a deadly arrow at the captain. The party managed to knock her to the ground, and, in a sudden rock of the ship, she was thrown off the deck, to her apparent death.

The rogue took advantage of the confusion by jumping into the pilots chair of the now still dragonship and started pulling levers. By a miraculous string of luck, he managed to discover how to pilot the ship just in time for a mech from the boiler room to investigate the commotion. Trying to escape the mech, the rogue accidentally launched the metal monstrosity onto the deck of the ship. The mech made a beeline for the captain and, trying to save the ship, the Rogue swung the mechanical dragon’s tail at the construct. Hitting the construct, but also knocking the steering wheel from the ship, the party quickly came to the realization that the rogue had just crippled the ship.

The Endeavor began to list slowly, as the elemental ring no longer had any direction. The party (all except the rogue) fled to a lifeboat, while the rogue landed the dragon in a clearing to wait for them. He began to tinker with his new toy, but pulled one too many levers, setting off the self destruct sequence on the massive machine. Launched high into the air by an ejecting seat, he watched helplessly as his prize burst into flames below him. Regrouping with the party, he made his apologies and was punched by the cleric.


geeksquared Ashton_LeBlanc

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