Lira Darksun

The Leader of the Town Guard


A tall, fierce, redheaded woman, wearing plate mail and carrying a massive sword. She is an imposing sight, capable of unnerving the average civilian simply by staring at them.

Lira has been the leader of the Dragonsbane Knights for the last five years, though she retains all of the fire and fury of a far younger warrior. She is known for being fiercely loyal to the monarchy and the strict word of the law. When she is presented with lawbreakers, she has a tendency to punish them swiftly and severely, no matter their intentions. She rose to power quickly in the ranks, serving on the airships in the navy for years, and it is said that she once tracked down one of the remaining dragons personally, for the sole honor of killing one of the kingdom’s most reviled enemies, though this is likely just rumor and hearsay.

Upon hearing of the tunnel alarms, she personally took a detachment of guards to stop those who would invade her town. While she did make an arrest, she made it extremely clear that if the perpetrators did not comply, it would be an execution. Though she recognized these criminals as airmen, and was inclined to believe their story, she holds them personally responsible, not only for the lost airship, but for the loss of the enemy technology, which should have been brought in for study. She offered them a chance to work of the debt to the city by carrying out certain covert operations, starting with the underground warehouse raid with the strict orders to “leave no survivors.”

Lira Darksun

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